Saturday, February 14, 2009

A new dawn?

Two days to go to MWC and themes are already emerging... HSPA+ is going to be big, with commercial deployments delivering speeds that may question just why is there such a rush for LTE. However, one theme has emerged which has seemingly come from no where ... solar-powered handsets!

With Samsung set to launch its 'eco-phone' dubbed 'Blue Earth', one could be forgiven for burying your head in your hands, shaking it in despair, and cursing Al Gore for unleashing a storm of eco-everything as companies jump on the bandwagon.

However, rumours abound that ZTE* will be launching the first low cost solar-powered phone at MWC.

Now, this really is a different story from the Samsung play. This isn't about making celebs feel better about themselves by giving them a trendy (and expensive) solar-powered phone that will only work if you live in the sun drenched Beverly Hills.

Bringing solar-power technology to an ultra-low cost handset will arguably do more to connect the two billion people who live in areas with limited or no electricity than anything else.

Watch this space ...

* ZTE is an AxiCom client at Mobile World Congress

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