Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Another one bites the dust

It's always a sad day when a favourite brand bites the dust, and the demise today of RCR Wireless in the US is one such occassion.

After 25 years, in which it's covered pretty much everything that the telecoms industry could throw at it, RCR has shut up shop with immediate effect. On the day that ITV has announced worse than expected job losses, it's a sobering time for anyone in the media as the fall in advertising spending starts to bite.

Of course, in the case of RCR, there's also the double whammy of the shift from print to online and the fact that they were now facing a plethora of new information sources. How we consume our news is undoubtedly changing and publishers, just like the advertisers and PR peoople, have to move with the times.

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